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Is your fence covered with unwanted dirt and grime? Don’t stress! We’re the local, veteran-owned pressure washing experts in Nolensville. We can blast away dirt, mold, and mildew faster with our high-power equipment.

Don’t let the hassle of fence maintenance bring you down. Let the professionals handle it, and be amazed by the stunning results!

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Why Choose McCoy's Pressure Washing for Fence Staining in Nolensville, TN?

McCoy’s Pressure Washing is your trusted partner in Nolensville, TN, for comprehensive fence staining services. We have been serving the community since 1988, and our team of certified technicians has the expertise to handle various fences and staining requirements. Our founder is a United States Marine Corps veteran, so we understand the value of dedication and service to others.

We understand the importance of fence staining and the consequences of neglecting it. Our services protect your fence from moisture damage, wood deterioration, and fading. We use eco-friendly products that contribute to a healthier environment while ensuring the longevity of your fence.

Our professional Nolensville pressure washing and staining services can revitalize the appearance of your fence and restore its natural beauty to complement your property. By choosing McCoy’s Pressure Washing, you can save the cost and hassle of premature fence replacements and extend the lifespan of your fence.

Why choose us:

  • Expertise
  • Protection Against Damage
  • Enhanced Aesthetics
  • Increased Lifespan
  • Environment-friendly Products
fence staining in nolensville, tn

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Amy Taylor
Amy Taylor
We had our driveway and sidewalks pressure washed and our deck cleaned and stained. They both look great and we would highly recommend McCoys Pressure Washing!
Laurie Fitzpatrick
Laurie Fitzpatrick
I would recommend McCoy's. Clint takes pride in his work and personally makes sure you are satisfied with the job.
Marsha Stovall
Marsha Stovall
Clint did a great job. The work was done professionally and my house is sparkling clean!
James Brown Jr
James Brown Jr
WOW! Our 3 year old fence was brought back to life after cleaning and staining by McCoy’s. Communication via text was fantastic! They took extra precautions making sure the stain did not get on the house or on our new concrete patio! Great job!!! Thank you
Bill Meek
Bill Meek
McCoys did a great job on our home! They were fast, efficient and communicated with me throughout the process. Highly recommend them!
Brianna LeMay
Brianna LeMay
We recently had our deck stained by Mccoy’s pressure washing and we couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome!! Great quality, great look, and it only took them a few hours to complete!
Catina Ross
Catina Ross
Our privacy fence looks great! Beautiful stain color. Thank you!

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Our Services in Nolensville

Nolensville, TN deserves to shine! At McCoys Pressure Washing, we’re dedicated to bringing back the brilliance of your property with our comprehensive range of services:

Benefits of Fence Staining in Nolensville, TN

Before and after image of fence staining in Nolensville, TN.

Fence staining in Nolensville, TN, can add beauty and refreshment to the city’s appearance. Here are some additional benefits of fence staining:

Enhances the Appearance and Curb Appeal of Your Property

Fences are a prominent feature of any home, especially at the entrance. Staining or painting your fence can be the best way to enhance the appearance of your property. It adds an elegant touch to your outdoor space, making it stand out from the surrounding neighborhood. You can choose your favorite color palette that complements your home’s architectural style and harmonizes with the environment.

Protection Against Weather Elements Such as UV Rays, Moisture, and Temperature Fluctuations

The fence staining process creates an adhesive layer that protects the wooden fence from weather conditions like rain, snow, UV rays, and temperature fluctuations. This protective layer promotes longevity by preventing the fence from cracking, splitting, and sustaining other weather-related damages.

Protects the Wood from Rot, Decay, and Insect Infestation

Moisture in the wood can promote the growth of fungi, mold, and mildew. These organisms can thrive and contribute to the wood’s decay, rot, and insect infestation. Water-based stains are the preferred option to protect the wood from the growth of harmful organisms, ensuring that your fence looks clean and remains healthy.

Prevents Fading and Discoloration

Fence staining is an excellent way to protect your fence from the damaging effects of the sun, rain, wind, and other environmental factors. Solid stains on the wood’s surface add a layer designed to protect against moisture and UV rays. They prevent the wood from warping, cracking, fading, and discolouring, ensuring it remains strong and beautiful for years.


Reputable, Trusted, and Dependable Near Nolensville

McCoy’s Pressure Washing can assist you with fence staining in Nolensville, TN. Our comprehensive approach aims to enhance the longevity and aesthetics of your fence. 

The process includes the following steps:

  • Inspection: Our expert technicians thoroughly inspect your fence’s current condition, identifying any existing damage or wear.
  • Preparation: This crucial phase involves thorough cleaning and sanding to ensure optimal adherence to the high-quality stains.
  • Application: With a keen eye for detail, our skilled technicians apply the stain, enhancing the appearance and fortifying the durability of your fence.
  • Clean-up: As a finishing touch, we ensure thorough clean-up, leaving your property immaculate and free from any mess or residue.


Choose McCoy’s Pressure Washing for unparalleled fence staining services. We can help you preserve your investment and enjoy a beautiful, long-lasting fence that adds value to your property in Nolensville, TN. Contact us today!

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FAQs on Fence Staining Nolensville

To keep it looking the best, you can stain your fence every three years in Nolensville, Tennessee.

Yes, fence staining is definitely worth it. Here are a few reasons why:

  • It enhances the aesthetic appeal of your fence.
  • It adds value to your property.
  • It increases the lifespan of your fence.
  • It protects wood from decay and damage caused by climate change.

Yes, fence staining is suitable for all types of fences except for those made of Walnut, Cherry, and Mahogany woods. These wooden fences have small pores that make it difficult to absorb stains.

There is no exact cost for fence staining in Nolensville, but the average range is $0.70 – $3 per square foot.

Please call us for a free estimate.

While it is possible to stain your fence yourself, we recommend hiring a professional fence staining specialist. They have the expertise to ensure the right type of staining that suits your wood, and they will complete the entire project from start to end.

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