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Whether you have a classic wooden fence or a modern vinyl masterpiece, our specialists use tailored cleaning techniques to deliver a safe and gleaming finish for any material. Boost your property’s curb appeal with our expert fence cleaning Shelbyville TN services. We expertly remove algae, mold, and bacteria from wood and vinyl fences, enhancing the look and longevity of your outdoor space.

The Amazing Benefits of Professional Fence Cleaning

Maintaining a clean fence is important for property management and aesthetics. Keeping your fence immaculate has many benefits:

1. Enhance Your Property’s Visual Appeal
A clean and well-maintained fence enhances the overall aesthetics of your property, leaving a lasting impression on visitors and passersby. Our specialized cleaning solutions remove dirt, grime, algae, and mildew, restoring your fence’s original luster and charm.

2. Prolong the Lifespan of Your Fences
Regular maintenance is essential for preserving the integrity of your fences. Our professional cleaning process removes surface contaminants and prevents the build-up of damaging agents that can lead to premature deterioration. By investing in professional fence cleaning, you extend the lifespan of your fences and avoid costly repairs down the road.

3. Create a Healthy and Safe Environment
Regular fence maintenance is important for creating a healthy and safe outdoor environment for your family and pets. Our eco-friendly cleaning solutions effectively eradicate harmful contaminants like mold, mildew, and bacteria, making your surroundings healthier. By removing algae and mildew, we significantly reduce outdoor allergens. Maintained fences are strong and secure, ensuring safety for everyone on the property.

4. Boost Your Property’s Market Value
A well-maintained fence is essential for the overall value and curb appeal of your property. Professional cleaning services can enhance your property’s attractiveness, making it more appealing to buyers or tenants. By keeping your fence clean and well-maintained, our company helps increase your property’s market value, creating a positive first impression during property viewings.

5. Prevent Costly Damages and Repairs
Over time, your fences may get exposed to environmental elements that can gradually cause discoloration, warping, and structural damage. Fortunately, our professional pressure washing team can help you avoid expensive repairs and replacements through regular maintenance. We use specialized techniques like soft washing and pressure washing, which are tailored to the material and condition of your fence, thus ensuring it stays in good condition and avoids costly issues.

6. Schedule Regular Maintenance for Long-Lasting Results
We offer custom maintenance plans to keep your fence in great condition. Regular upkeep protects it from the elements, maintains its appearance and durability, and ensures long-lasting results. Our flexible scheduling options make it easy to establish a routine that fits your needs and budget, so your fence stays in pristine condition year-round.

Ready to protect your fence and boost your property’s value? Contact us today to schedule your professional fence maintenance and discover how our expert services can enhance your property’s aesthetics and longevity. Let’s ensure your fence remains in excellent condition for years to come!

Dirty Fence Before CleaningClean Fence After Cleaning
A Close-up of a Dirty fence before cleaningA Close-up of a Clean fence after cleaning

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Amy Taylor
Amy Taylor
We had our driveway and sidewalks pressure washed and our deck cleaned and stained. They both look great and we would highly recommend McCoys Pressure Washing!
Laurie Fitzpatrick
Laurie Fitzpatrick
I would recommend McCoy's. Clint takes pride in his work and personally makes sure you are satisfied with the job.
Marsha Stovall
Marsha Stovall
Clint did a great job. The work was done professionally and my house is sparkling clean!
James Brown Jr
James Brown Jr
WOW! Our 3 year old fence was brought back to life after cleaning and staining by McCoy’s. Communication via text was fantastic! They took extra precautions making sure the stain did not get on the house or on our new concrete patio! Great job!!! Thank you
Bill Meek
Bill Meek
McCoys did a great job on our home! They were fast, efficient and communicated with me throughout the process. Highly recommend them!
Brianna LeMay
Brianna LeMay
We recently had our deck stained by Mccoy’s pressure washing and we couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome!! Great quality, great look, and it only took them a few hours to complete!
Catina Ross
Catina Ross
Our privacy fence looks great! Beautiful stain color. Thank you!

Our Thorough and Proven Fence Cleaning Process

We understand the importance of a clean and attractive fence. It boosts your curb appeal and extends your fence’s lifespan. Our thorough and proven fence cleaning process will bring your fence back to life, leaving it sparkling clean and protected.

  • Pre-Cleaning Inspection and Preparation: Before we begin, our team conducts a detailed inspection to assess the condition of your fence and prepare the area for cleaning. It ensures a targeted approach that addresses specific needs.

  • Expert Selection of Cleaning Equipment: We use professional-grade equipment tailored to your type of fence, whether it’s wood, vinyl, or metal. It ensures that we provide the most effective cleaning without damaging the material.

  • Application of High-Quality Cleaning Solutions: Our cleaning solutions are chosen for their effectiveness and safety. We apply high-quality cleaners that break down dirt, algae, and mildew without harming the environment or your fence.

  • Gentle Yet Effective Pressure Washing Techniques: Using advanced pressure washing techniques, we gently clean your fence to prevent damage while removing all build-up. It is perfect for achieving a deep clean that restores your fence’s look.

  • Tailored Care and Maintenance Post-Cleaning: After cleaning, we provide tailored maintenance advice to help prolong the cleanliness and integrity of your fence. It includes recommendations on protective treatments and scheduling regular check-ups.

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In addition to fence cleaning, we offer a range of services designed to enhance and protect your property to meet the specific challenges of Shelbyville’s climate.

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Trustworthy and Locally Recognized Experts in Fence Cleaning

McCoy’s Pressure Washing is a team of trustworthy and locally recognized experts in fence cleaning, based in Shelbyville, TN. As a veteran-owned team, we take pride in delivering top-notch service that homeowners can rely on. Our goal is to provide professional results with every job, using eco-friendly products that are safe for you, your pets, and the environment, thereby ensuring that your fence looks great and lasts longer.

With years of experience serving the Shelbyville community, we have earned a reputation for excellence in fence cleaning and exterior maintenance. Our skilled technicians are committed to delivering superior results and exceptional customer service.

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FAQs About Fence Cleaning in Shelbyville

In Shelbyville, TN, the best time to stain a fence is during the dryer months, ideally between January and March. This ensures good adhesion and longevity of the stain. Evenings with cloud cover are also preferable for staining. Remember, even on mild winter days, daytime temperatures above 36°F are suitable for staining your fence.

Professional fence cleaning in Shelbyville, TN, typically falls between $100 and $350, depending on the size and condition. We provide competitive rates and clear estimates!

Yes, we offer special promotions for our Shelbyville customers. Contact us to find out the current offers.

Yes, professional fence cleaning eliminates mold and mildew. We use advanced methods to tackle even tough organic growth. DIY cleaning might work for small mildew spots, but professionals have the tools and expertise for a thorough cleaning.

We stand behind our work with a satisfaction guarantee to ensure peace of mind.

About Shelbyville, TN

Shelbyville is located in Bedford County, Tennessee, known as “The Walking Horse Capital of the World.” The city experiences a diverse climate with hot summers, peaking at around 89 degrees in July, and chilly winters with lows of 26 degrees in January. Along with an average rainfall of 57 inches and occasional snow, these conditions can significantly affect building structures. Homes, decks, roofs, and fences all face wear and tear from these weather extremes, making regular maintenance essential.

McCoy’s Pressure Washing plays an important role in preserving these properties in Shelbyville. Specializing in cleaning houses, roofs, decks, and fences, we help combat damage from harsh weather by removing harmful elements like mold and grime. It enhances the appearance of properties and extends their lifespan, ensuring we continue to stand strong against the elements while retaining their value.

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