Staining and Sealing Ideas for Your Wood Deck and Fence in Nashville, Tn

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You probably won’t think too much about staining or sealing your wood fence or deck in Nashville until you see a deck, porch, fence, outdoor wooden furniture, or a log home that is in desperate need of it. However, leaving the wood in the elements is not a good idea at all. We’ve got the answers and info you need!

Why Should You Stain Your Wood Structure in the Nashville Area?

The primary purpose of staining is to color the wood. Unlike paint wherein a layer of color is applied and sits on the top of the wood surface, stain saturates color into the wood itself and is absorbed deep into it. Stain protects the wood from ultraviolet (UV) light and hence saves your wood from fading and losing its color. Wood stain is popular as it improves the looks of outdoor wood projects such as fence, deck and outdoor furniture all across Tennessee and beyond.

Your outdoor wood fence or deck is exposed to weather elements that may crack and split it. Fence Staining Nashville offers you a range of benefits as you can maintain the natural color of the wood by protecting it from UV radiation, repel harmful mold, and also match accent color on the home. The fence and deck staining products we use are specially formulated for the outdoor elements to keep your fence looking like new for years. Staining also protects your wood from water damage that can be very expensive to repair.

Softwoods such as cedar are much more accepting of stains compared to hardwood such as oak. As the stain soaks into the wood and bonds with it, it resists the water and liquids spilled over the surface. Our Stain and Seal top-quality wood stains contain ingredients that make for an inhospitable environment for mold, mildew, microbes and insects to grow, providing a longer life to your decks and fences in Nashville, Tennessee.

Completing a Staining Process at Your Tennessee Property

When you stain your wood fence or deck, the excess stain should be wiped out once the pigment is absorbed into the binder. Excess strain occurs when the solvent has evaporated. A protective coat of varnish or polyurethane should be applied to finish the job after completing the staining process.

Additional sanding is also not needed as grain is not raised. Deck Staining in Nashville, is important for rot and infestation prevention. Sunlight can also discolor your deck and turn it dullish. So, if you have a wooden deck exposed to sunlight, consider a deck staining process to protect it from the harmful effects of the sun. The process will also help in keeping out moisture and pests, including the dreaded termites.

Top Benefits of Using Wood Stains

Benefits of wood stains are numerous and impressive, such as:

Rot prevention: Applying stain on the wooden projects helps in preventing rot in the first place and also the hazard of a potential collapse.

Structural integrity: Staining preserves the appearance and structural integrity of wooden projects by providing protection from sun and moisture.

Cost-effective: Wood stain can be used without a primer, saving your money and time in its application.

Aesthetics: Unlike paint, stain keeps the grain of the wood visible, and thus preserves its aesthetics.

Durable: Even heavily trodden wooden projects, such as wood- steps, would need re-staining only once in a few years

Color choices: A variety of tints and color options are available

Custom colors: Stains can be mixed to obtain a customized color provided both are oil-based or water- based, and made from the same manufacturer.

How is Wood Staining Helpful?

All wood exposed to the elements is going to deteriorate over time. Water seeps into wood that provides a splendid environment for the mold, mildew and bacteria to grow and thrive. Even pressure- treated wood would eventually succumb as it is not sealed against water. Our self-penetrating sealant protects your structure for longer and acts as a weather shield for exterior wooden structures such as fence and decks.

Staining is helpful if you wish to get uniform color, especially if different types of wood are used in your fence and deck. It will keep your deck and fence look newish for many years. Foreign materials on it must be removed with a cleaner before applying the stain for

proper adhesion. Dry time varies according to weather conditions. The stain should be allowed to dry for 24 hours before you start using your wooden projects.

Using and Applying the Wood Stain Sealant

Sealants keep the water out of reach but not prevent the microbes. Stain And Seal Experts’ high-quality sealants contain antimicrobial agents that effectively eliminate microbial growth on the wood.

The sealant is applied over the stain to seal the pores of the wood and give you a smooth surface. It also prevents the stain from bleeding into the successive coats of finish material. It is best applied briskly with a full brush along the grain as the shellac dries quickly.

Unprotected wood also fades and turns gray due to UV radiation of the sun. Keeping UV rays from reaching the wood is one of the important functions of a sealant. Composite decks need to be sealed for durability.

Top Advantages of a sealant:

      • Seals, waterproofs, hardens and preserves wood

      • Leaves a clear and natural finish without a surface membrane

      • Provides a surface for better bonding of paint, stains and adhesives

      • Slows seepage, dampness and warping

      • Cheaper to apply than paint and lasts longer

      • Physical properties of the wood are not changed

    Our range of sealants is formulated to slow weathering, enhances the grain of the wood and retard fire. New wood may have mill glaze from the manufacturing process. It should be allowed to age for at least six months before applying a stain or sealant.

    Tennessee’s Best Certified and Experienced Woodworkers

    Staining and sealing your fence, porch, deck, outdoor furniture, and log home is crucial for maintaining their natural aesthetic appeal, longevity, and durability. Investing time and effort into staining and sealing your wooden projects pays off significantly. However, if you lack the time or skills to apply stain and sealant to your deck and other wooden structures, McCoys Pressure Washing, the best staining and sealing company, can help!

    Our woodworkers are well-trained and certified, ensuring professional expertise in every project. They use the right applicator, brush, sprayer, gloves, masks, and other tools to emphasize the wood grain, preserving the natural look of your wooden projects in Nashville.

    Additionally, we extend our top-notch services to other locations, offering exceptional deck staining in Smyrna and fence staining in Smyrna. We can color your wood in a way that looks elegant and unique to your personal style, enhancing the beauty and durability of your outdoor spaces.

    Tennessee’s Wood Experts Have Your Wood Project Solution!

    Ask the Pros! Our team at McCoys Pressure Washing can help you with your options in Nashville fence staining and deck staining from among our wide selection of oil-based stains, sealer stains, pigmented oil stains, penetrating oil stains, wiping stains and other varieties.

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